Late Summer Punkin

Martes por la mañana se inició en una manera típica, común y corriente. Durante la primera hora que estoy, me las arreglo para llevar a cabo por lo general un poco antes de llegar FD a trabajar. Pero esta mañana en particular, como yo estaba sentado nuestro desayuno de frittata sobre la mesa, el teléfono sonó. El identificador de llamadas indica un número local, pero

Day by Day the Farm Girl Way...

Tuesday morning started out in a typical, ordinary fashion. During the first hour I am up, I usually manage to accomplish quite a bit before getting FD off to work. But this particular morning, as I was setting our breakfast frittata’s on the table, the phone rang. The caller ID indicated a local number, but not one I recognized. I had a feeling it might be a wildlife rescue call, and it was. On the other end of the line was a nice young woman who had found a baby squirrel. She still needed to get to work in Oklahoma City that morning, but wanted to get this baby settled in where it would get some help from a professional. I told the woman it would be fine for her to bring the baby squirrel to my home. Even though driving here first was actually quite a bit out of…

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